The TCHEP work has inspired and been incorporated into and influences University of Minnesota coursework.

New Course: "Living Sustainably in Urban Ecosystems"

Larry Baker, and Daniel Nidzgorski created a new Freshman Seminar in Fall 2010 at the University of Minnesota: "Living Sustainably in Urban Ecosystems." Twenty students from a wide range of programs came together for field trips and discussions to explore how matter and energy move through cities - from our water, energy, and food production, through our households and neighborhoods, to our wastewater, landfills, incinerators, and recycling facilities. The course was also offered in Fall 2011.

Environmental Policy Courses include TCHEP work

Kristen Nelson features TCHEP in University of Minnesota Environmental Science, Policy and Management courses. Specifically, in ESPM 3271: Environmental Policy, Law and Human Behavior, the household flux calculator is highlighted to explore statistical analysis of human behaviors and nutrient flows in urban households.

TCHEP and specifically the Our Household Choices in Urban Living survey have also been used in ESPM 4041W: Problem Solving for Environmental Change. Each year students in ESPM 4041W work with a client to perform "real world" projects involving land use planning. In past years, students working with both Maplewood and St. Louis Park have used the TCHEP survey tool to guide some of their own research.