Public Writing

General Audience Writings

Nidzgorski, D.A., C. Lee, and K.C. Nelson. 2010. Our Household Choices in Urban Living: Understanding nutrient cycling in Twin Cities homes (.pdf). Research summary for survey respondents, Twin Cities Household Ecosystem Project, University of Minnesota, 4pgs.

Reports for Local Governments & Agencies

Wein, S.P., K.C. Nelson, L. Baker, S. Hobbie, J. King, J. McFadden, C. Fissore, I. Jakobsdottir, D. Nidzgorski, and D. Burk. 2010. Nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes in household landscapes: What behaviors affect these fluxes and what are a few underlying homeowner attitudes about these behaviors? (.pdf) Watershed District and Water Management Organization Report, Twin Cities Household Ecosystem Project, University of Minnesota, 37 pgs.

Report Summary

  • This report examines the total nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) fluxes through a typical household in Ramsey and Anoka Counties, then looks at the sources of landscape N and P fluxes to determine values of potential losses.
  • We then delve into a number of common landscape behaviors (lawn clipping and leaf management, fertilizing, etc) that affect these losses and explore some of the attitudes behind certain management practices. We also focus on a few of the influences of fertilization behavior and offer several management implications from our findings.
  • Our overall goal for the production of this report is to help area Watershed Districts and Watershed Management Organizations better understand the attitudes and behaviors of homeowners in their respective areas in order to more effectively target education and programming towards landscape management that may negatively affect water quality.

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