In conjunction with the "Sustainable Shelter" exhibit at the University of Minnesota's Bell Museum of Natural History, several videos were created that include the TCHEP Researchers discussing their work:

Working Together

This short video give a quick overview of the TCEHP research and its cross-disciplinary approach.

How big is your flux?

This short video features two Twin Cities households and asks what each of these households does to impact their carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous flux.

Fido's Footprint

This video discusses whether Twin Cities' pets are one of the single biggest contributors of pollution to our lakes and streams.

Phosphorous, a nutrient that makes things grow, was banned as a lawn fertilizer in Minnesota, but many households still contribute the big "P" through pet waste.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota share Fido's dirty little secret -- and some ways that pet owners can help keep our lakes and rivers clean.

Living Small

This short video features tiny house builders Jim and Caleb Wilkins, who explain how building and living small can have a positive impact on the environment.

This video also features the TCHEP researchers discussing home size in relationship to the cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus through households.